YoRHa Betrayers


Side Quest


City Ruins

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YoRHa Betrayers is a Side Quest in NieR: Automata


"The Commander has issued an emergency assignment: YoRHa units 8B, 22B and 64B have deserted and have begun terrorizing the Resistance Camp. 2B and 9S have been ordered to find and deal with them, no matter what. Pursue the runaway YoRHa androids.

The camp leader is confused about the supposed rogue YoRHa units, as there haven't been any reports about recent raids. When attempting to notify the Commander of this, you find that access to the case has been restricted at the highest levels."


YoRHa Betrayers Objectives

  1. Find the runaway androids
  2. Defeat them
  3. Speak with Anemone in the Resistance Camp.



YoRHa Betrayers Rewards



YoRHa Betrayers Walkthrough

  • This quest arrives into your Inbox after you reach the flooded portion of the City Ruins after the Goliath event.
  • Go the locations marked around the City Ruins until you find two YoRHa units. Engage them in battle until they run away. Pursue to the next location.
  • Continue searching the other marked locations around the City Ruins until you encounter them for the second time. After beating YoRHa units 22B and 64B, unit 8B should appear, defeat unit 8B to progress.
  • Speak with Anemone in the Resistance Camp.
  • It will be revealed that the YoRHa soldiers did not steal anything and you will have a call with Operator 210, completing the quest.




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