YoRHa Type A No.2 (A2)

Race Android
Sex Female
Voice Actor JPN: Ayaka Suwa
ENG: Cherami Leigh

YoRHa Type A No.2 (A2) is a character in NieR:Automata.


YoRHa Type A No.2 (A2) Information

"Command is the one that betrayed you."

General Information

  • One of the 3 playable characters.
  • An android created by humans on the moon.
  • Prototype model which would later be used to create the more advanced 2B and 9S.
  • Ex-YoRHa member who distrusts the YoRHa. 
  • Keeps to herself unless she feels it is necessary.
  • Berserker ability will boost her attack trememdously while draining her health rapidly.
  • Can Taunt enemy units, boosting the attack of the enemy unit(s) and herself by 180%. Adding Taunt Up attack chips will increase the percentage.




       The A-model is a YoRHa prototype that specializes in close-quarter combat. Though not presently in use, it was originally created to speed along the implementation of other official models such as 2B and 9S. This particular unit, whose official title is Class A, Number 2, was wanted by Command for desertion and ordered to be destroyed on sight. She first appeared in the Forest Castle, where she slew the Forest King. 2B and 9S engaged her in combat, but she managed to escape.

       9S and A2 face off. A2 tries to convince 9S of how pointless this fight is, but her words fail to penetrate the cloud of violent anger in his mind. This battle is where the player can decide between two different endings. When selecting 9S to fight in the battle, the battle concludes with A2 dying. She hesitates for a moment when she hears a memory of 2B calling out to her, leading to her demise. Selecting A2 for the ending causes the battle to end with A2 hacking into 9S, in order to remove the logic virus infecting 9S as a last ditch effort.

       Upon recieving the [Top Secret] Model No.2 archive document, the player discovers that A2 was part of a group of YoRHa prototypes that were sent to the planet. Before the descent, the Model No.2 prototypes recieved simulations to prepare them and A2 had mediocre results, something Pod 042 will comment on. At some point after the descent, the prototype unit lost communications with the Bunker and suffered heavy casualties. With A2 being the only survivor of the incident, she often suffers flashbacks.


  • Unlike 2B and 9S, A2's dash carries a blinking effect, making it appear as she has teleportation abilities.

  • Like her successor 2B, A2 prefers to wield weapons by her hands, allowing swift and deft combos. A2 adopts a more hapazard style of fighting to complement her Berserker ability.


   A2 near Apartment Complex A2's "blinking" dash

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