Quests in Nier: Automata are covered on this page. This page will be updated when more information is known. In addition to the Main Story Quests, the Characters can take on Side Quests, which can be acquired in the Resistance Camp.





Main Story Quests in Nier: Automata are covered on this page. These quests are not tracked on your "Quests" tab, but instead are automatically added to your objectives as you complete conditions and unlock zones.

 Route A (First Playthrough)

Quest Name






The Bunker

  • N/A

Gathering Intel


The Bunker

  • N/A

The Machine Surge


Resistance Camp



Resistance Camp

Machine Recon


Machine Village

Machine Request


Machine Village

Machine Trade


Resistance Camp

  • N/A



Machine Village

  • Unlocks several Side Quests

Flooded City Recon


 City Ruins


Alien Report

 9S  City Ruins  

The Forest Kingdom


Machine Village

 Unlocks Emil's Shop in City Ruins

Report on A2


Forest Zone

Unlocks Resupply



Machine Village

 Unlocks Missile Supply Mission

Missile Supply Mission


Resistance Camp




Flooded City




Resistance Camp




Resistance Camp


9S MIA (part 2)


Flooded City


9S captured


Copied City


Olive Branch


Resistance Camp Inbox


Twisted Religion


City Ruins


Weird Machines


City Ruins


Threat Disposal


City Ruins

Ending A: flowers for m[A]chines




Walkthroughs for Nier: Automata are located on this page. The game necessitates 3 playthroughs to unlock the "Final" Ending, but there's a total of 26 Endings to unlock. If you follow the suggestions below, you will get to the destination without much fuzz. See the Side Quests page for details on alternative and optional objectives.

There are 3 Routes on the game, played consecutively as 3 playthroughs. Route A, Route B and Route C. The chapter list below shows you which route and quest each chapter belongs to. Click on the quest link to find where you are.




Chapter 01: Prologue

2B and 9S have been ordererd to gain intel and destroy a Goliah-class weapon. They find their target and engage in combat, but 9S ends up getting wounded trying to protect 2B.


Ch 01-01: YoRHa Descent

  • Ch. 01-01_1: 2B's Aerial Battle (A)
  • Ch. 01-01_2: 9S Disarmds the Defense System (B)

Ch 01-02: Abandoned Factory

  • Ch 01-02_1: 2B's Defense Machine Battle (A)
  • Ch 01-02_2: 9S Outside the Factory (B)
  • Ch 01-02_3: 2B inside the Factory (A)
  • Ch 01-02_4: 2B's Defense Machine Battle 2 (A)

Ch 01-03: Goliath Battle

  • Ch 01-03_1: 2B's Battle on Land (A)
  • Ch 01-03_2: 9S Aerial Combat (B)
  • Ch 01-03_3: 2B's Aerial Combat (A)

Ch 01-04: The Bunker (Reboot)

  • Ch 01-04_1: 2B Awakens (A)
  • Ch 01-04_2: 9S Gets 2B Set Up (B)

Ch 01-5: The Mission (Gathering Intel) (A & B)

Chapter 02: Resistance Camp

2B and 9S have to gain intel from the Resistance at the city ruins. When they arrive at the camp, they find many androids who need their help.


Ch 02-01: Landing at the City Ruins (Gathering Intel) (A & B)

Ch 02-02: Traveling to the Desert (The Machine Surge) (A & B)


Chapter 03: Adam and Eve

While heading to the desert area, 2B and 9S run into machines that can talk. Chasing after them, they find a machine lifeform that looks exactly like an android...


Ch 03-01:At the Desert (The Machine Surge) (A & B)

Ch 03-02: Desert Residential District (A & B)

Ch 03-03:Battle with Adam (A & B)

Ch 03-04: YoRHa Recon (MIA) (A & B)

Chapter 04: Mad Songstress

"2B and 9S head to the Amusement Park, where they are welcomed by strangely dressed machines. They also have an audience with an aspiring opera singer."


Ch 04-01: Amusement Park (MIA) (A & B)

Ch 04-02: Tank Boss (A & B)

Ch 04-03: Advent of the Songstress (A & B)

Ch 04-04: The Messenger Arrives (Machine Recon) (A & B)

Chapter 05: Excavated Land

"A large hole has opened up in the City Ruins, and 2B and 9S travel down it to find the alien mothership. Inside, they run into Adam and Eve"


Ch 05-01: Pascal's Village (Machine Request, Machine Trade)(A & B)

Ch 05-02: Goliath Attack (Assault) (A & B)

Ch 05-03: Alien Ship (Flooded City Recon) (A & B)

Ch 05-04:Battle with Adam and Eve (A & B)

Chapter 06: King of the Forest

"2B and 9S head to the forest kingdom. As soon as they find the king, he is destroyed by a mysterious female android. Her name is A2 and she is a deserter"


Ch 06-01: Reporting to the Commander (Alien Report) (A & B)

Ch 06-02: To the Commercial Facility (The Forest Kingdom) (A & B)

Ch 06-03: Searching the Forest (A & B)

Ch 06-04: Forest Castle (A & B)

Ch 06-05: A2's Revenge (A & B)


Chapter 07: Lost Child

"The aircraft carrier is under attack, so 2B and 9S head there to offer support. Once they arrive, a huge machine lifeform appears out of the depths of the ocean."


Ch 07-01: Reporting to Pascal (Report on A2, Resupply) (A & B)

Ch 07-01: The Aircraft Carrier (Missile Supply Mission) (A & B)

Ch 07-01: Battle Over the Ocean (A & B)

Ch 07-01: Monster (A & B)


Chapter 08: Copied City

"9S has disappeared after the destruction of the giant machine. 2B sets out to find him and ends up in a mysterious white city where Adam is waiting for her"


Ch 08-01: A Young Prisoner

  • Ch 08-01_1: 2B Searches for 9S (9S MIA, Redheads) (A)
  • Ch 08-01_2:2B's Battle with Adam (9S Captured) (A)
  • Ch 08-01_3:9S's Memory Area (B)


Chapter 09: Deranged Religion

"2B and Pascal head to the abandoned factory to negotiate peace with a group of machines. They find a religious cult that soon turns out to be hostile"


Ch 09-01: Those Who Believe

  • Ch 09-01_1: 9S's Data Overhaul (B)
  • Ch 09-01_2: Trends Among the Machines (Olive Branch) (A)
  • Ch 09-01_3: Negotiate Peace (Twisted Religion) (A)

Ch 09-02: Escape

  • Ch 09-02_1: 9S Supports 2B (B)
  • Ch 09-02_2: 2B Escapes the Factory (A)
  • Ch 09-02_3: Multi-leg Goliath Battle (A)

Ch 09-03: The Truth

  • Ch 09-03_1: Multi-leg Goliath Destroyed (A)
  • Ch 09-03_2: 9S Learns the Truth (B)

Chapter 10: Loss

"The City Ruins are overrun with machines, so 2B and 9S head there to support the Resistance. One particularly large weapon turns out to contain a very angry Eve."


Ch 10-01: Machines out of Control

  • Ch 10-02_1: 9S Placed in Battle (B)
  • Ch 10-02_2: 2B Requests Backup (Weird Machines) (A)
  • Ch 10-02_3: 2B Assists the Resistance (A)
  • Ch 10-02_4: Multi-leg Goliath Battle (A)

Ch 10-02: Spherical Machine Battle (Threat Disposal) (A & B)

Ch 10-03: Attack on Pascal's Village (A & B)

Ch 10-04: Battling Eve (A & B)

Ch 10-05: 2B and 9S

  • Ch 10-05_1: The End of Battle (Ending A) (A)
  • Ch 10-05_2: The Beggining of Battle (C)

Chapter 11: Full-scale Attack

"Having destroyed Adam and Eve, the YoRHa turn their attention to the other machines. however, they are wiped out by a large-scale virus, which has now spread to 2B as well..."


Ch 11-01: 2B's Invasion Begins (Onward to War) (C)

Ch 11-02: 9S Hacks the Defense System (C)

Ch 11-03: 2B's Battle for Control (Take Control) (C)

Ch 11-04: Contaminated YoRHa (Report) (C)

Ch 11-05: 2B Escape the Bunker (Loss) (C)

Ch 11-06: 2B's Final Moments (C)

Ch 11-07: 9S Gets Separated (C)

Chapter 12: Memories of Sand

"Pod 042 received 2B's final order to support A2, and stuck fast to her through her travels - whether A2 lifed it or not"


Ch 12-01: A2 Awakens (Destroy Machines) (C)

Ch 12-02: A2's Battle in the Desert

Chapter 13: Meat Box

"Having accessed the Tower, 9S was compelled to head for the Resource Recovery Unit. This led him towads the massive unit near the forest castle"


Ch 13-01: 9S Awakens (Tower Recon) (C)

Ch 13-02: 9S Accessess the Tower (Obtain Keys) (C)

Ch 13-03: 9S's Determination (C)

Ch 13-04: 9S and the Meat Box (C)


Chapter 14: Pascal's Despair

"The machines of Pascal's village suddenly went haywire. A2 rushed to the village to help Pascal and the children escape, but they find no safe harbor. A2 fights beside Pascal, but..."


Ch 14-01: A2 and the Oil Filter (Maintenance) (C)

Ch 14-02: A day in the Life of Pascal (It Takes a Village) (C)

Ch 14-03: Pascal Needs Help (A Villager's Request) (C)

Ch 14-04: Cannibal Machines (Village Turmoil) (C)

Ch 14-05: A2 and the Children (Protect the Children) (C)

Chapter 15: Soul Box

"9S's next target is the Resource Recovery Unit in the Flooded City. Through deft hacking, he obtains the second Tower access key, but his body is left unable to fight."


Ch 15-01: 9S Continues Fighting (Obtain Keys) (C)

Ch 15-02: 9S and the Soul Box (C)

Ch 15-03: 9S Wounded (Recover NFCS) (C)

Ch 15-04: 9S Repaired (C)

Chapter 16: God Box

"9S fights the corrupted Operator 210 inside the recovery unit and again encounters A2. As soon as he turns his ire upon her, a machine lifeform crashes their reunion"


Ch 16-01: 9S and the Resource Unit (Obtain Keys) (C)

Ch 16-02: A2 and the Resouce Unit (C)

Ch 16-03: 9S and the God Box (C)

Ch 16-04: A2 and the Machine Siblings (C)

Chapter 17: The Tower

"9S and A2 are guided into the Tower, unaware of the purpose for which it was built by machine lifeforms. A truth awaits them inside, as hideous as the Red Girl's nightmare."


Ch 17-01: 9S Heads to the Tower (Tower Infiltration) (C)

Ch 17-02: 9S Searches the Tower (C)

Ch 17-03: A2 Heads to the Tower (C)

Ch 17-04: A2 Searches the Tower (C)

Ch 17-05: 9S Self-repairs (C)

Ch 17-06: The Red Girls (C)

Ch 17-07: To the Peak (To the Top) (C)

Ch 17-08: Combined Multi-leg Machine (C)

Ch 17-09: 9S and A2 (C)

Ch 17-10: The End (Ending B and C) (C)



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