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Negozi di oggetti

Item Shops in Nier Automata are found across several regions in Nier: Automata. It allows players to purchase consumables and HUD upgrades. Supply traders can have Quests to share.


Emil's Item Shop

Item & Image Cost
Weapon Attack Up +3 3,500G
Down-Attack Up +3 3,500G
Critical Up +3 20,000G
Ranged Attack Up +3 3,500G
Fast Cooldown +3 20,000G
Melee Defense +3 3,500G
Ranged Defense +3 3,500G
Anti Chain Damage +3 3,500G
Max HP UP +3 3,500G
Offensive Heal +3 3,500G
Deadly Heal +3 20,000G
Auto-Heal +3 20,000G
Evade Range Up +3 3,500G
Moving Speed Up +3 3,500G
Drop Rate Up +3 3,500G
EXP Gain Up +3 20,000G
Shock Wave +3 20,000G
Last Stand +3 3,500G
Damage Absorb +3 3,500G
Vengeance +3 3,500G
Reset +3 20,00G
Overclock +3 20,00G
Resilience +3 3,500G
Counter +3 3,500G
Taunt Up +3 3,500G
Charge Attack +3 3,500G
Auto-use Item +3 20,00G

Pascal's Item Shop

Item & Image Cost
Machine Heads 10,000G
Machine Arm 1,125G
Machine Leg 1,125G
Machine Torso 1,125G
Machine Head 1,125G
Children's Cores 30,000G


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