YoRHa No.9 Type S (9S)

Race Android
Sex Male
Voice Actor JPN: Natsuki Hanae
ENG: Kyle McCarley

YoRHa No.9 Type S (9S) is a Playable Character in NieR: Automata.


YoRHa No.9 Type S (9S) Information

"We...we're sold..iers...We take pride in...our service..."

General Information

  • One of the 3 playable characters. After beating the game a first time with 2B, you can opt to start a new playthrough with 9S.
  • An android created by humans on the moon
  • Sent to Earth to purge the planet of Automata
  • Member of YoRHa - the automated infantry squad
  • Has no Heavy Attack; It was replaced by the more versatile Hacking ability. 
  • Specializes in investigative purposes.
  • Programmed with an emotional but kind personality
  • Is the only character that is able to unlock Locks. This include locked doors and chests. 
  • Like all three playable characters, he has blue eyes behind his visor. 


Lore / Trivia

  • (Spoliers) Intel - Unit Data:
    This unit's official title is Model S, Number 9. While this YoRHa member possessed offensive abilities, he specialized skilled at information gathering and hacking. While 9S normally had a kind personality, he began to exhibit hatred for A2 when she killed 2B-for whom he possessed an unusually deep affection. In a cruel twist, he also met end at the hands of A2.
  • Unlike A2 and 2B, 9S is limited in close combat due to his Hacking ability. Though ironically, 9S might easily outdamage 2B and 9S due to his targets being subjugated or detonated after a succesful hack.
  • 9S does not hold his weapons but chooses to move them by levitation. This can result wide but slow attacks and occasional misses on smaller enemies.
  • 9S is not the only YoRHa Scanner model seen in game, although they seem to be in the minority of YoRHa androids. 4S in the side quest: Reconnaissance Squad, and two nameless Scanner models are encountered (One in the Bunker maintenance shop, and the other in the side quest: Retrieve the Confidential Info). An 11S was also mentioned, during an audio transmission to 9S.
  • 9S's hacking ability persists after remote controlling a foe. Most enemies tend to be passive unless engaged by the player. Players can take advantage of this ability to decimate groups of enemies by hacking alone. 




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