Masamune is an NPC in Nier: Automata.


Masamune Information

"A  blacksmith in the forest kingdom. His teacher was a master craftsman, known for improving the 8 legendary weapons of Virtue and Cruelty. He separated himself from the network due to an internal malfunction, so he is no longer hostile towards androids. He loves weapons more than anything, and as proof of your respect for weapons, he grants you the weapon his teacher honed."


Where to find/Location

  • You'll find him in the Forest Zone, just before the Royal Chamber access point. When you reach the side scrolling portion of the castle keep going until you come to the second Linked-Sphere Type. Past it is a jump. Aim for the lower platform. In the leftmost corner you will hear banging. Move the large crate and head into the room to find him.



  • Gives you the weapon Cruel Lament  if you speak to him after upgrading a weapon to Level 4.
  • ??


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