Find a Present


Side Quest



Quest Giver

Operator 6O



Trova un regalo รจ una Quest secondaria in NieR: Automata


"Data from a rare flower would be a perfect gift for Operator 6O. Collect the following item in order to take the required photo: Desert Rose x1"

"You found a desert rose, take a picture and send it to Operator 6O"

"You received a reward from Operator 6O in thanks for the picture of the desert rose. She seems more infatuated with Earth now than ever, if such a thing is possible. Make sure to claim the reward she sent over email"


Find a Present Objectives

  1. Acquire a Desert Rose
  2. Send the picture to Operator 6O
  3. Check your inbox for a reward



Find a Present Rewards



Find a Present Walkthrough

  • This quest will appear in your Inbox after completing the quest Terminal Repairs. Head to the Desert: Oil Field access point and head northwest to find the rose.
  • Pod will take a picture and upload it.
  • Head back to your Inbox to pick up your reward.




  • Quest becomes unavailable after the Flooded City
  • Route C: If the player complete this quest, Operator 6O will thank 2B for the flowers during the escape from Bunker, abeit in distorted voice.
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