Machine Sword


140 - 210

Combo Light


Combo Heavy



Small Sword



Machine Sword is a Small Sword in NieR: Automata


Machine Sword Information


"A sword wielded by machine lifeforms."

  1. "An improvised blade used by machine lifeforms. It may be made from scraps, but it gets the job done."



Where to Find\Location




  • ??
  • ??
  • ??




LvL Attack Combo Other Improvement Materials Needed
1 140 - 210 Light: 4
Heavy: 1
- -
2 252 - 378 Light: 4
Heavy: 1
Robot Discount Copper Ore x5, Broken Key x5, Crystal x5
3 392 - 588 Light: 5
Heavy: 2
Robot Discount 4x Iron Ore, 3x Silver Ore, 3x Dented Socket, 2x Amber
4 392 - 588 Light: 6
Heavy: 3
Robot Discount
Machine Brand
4x Gold Ore, 5x Dented Socket, 3x Sturdy Socket, 2x Machine Arm,2x Moldavite




Weapon Story


 Level 1


The more old records I read, the more fascinated I become by the species known as humans. We machines must do all we can to preserve these precious artifacts and continue to record their contents."


 Level 2


I see from the records how important predation and reproduction were to human survival.  And yet, they viewed such acts as sinful.  I wonder why?


 Level 3


I found a famous human book today, but after reading it ten times, it still makes no sense to me.  What possible attraction could there be to such a thing?


 Level 4


Eureka!  It seems the answer was in front of me all along!  I am simply incapable of comprehending anything - about humanity OR the world in general!  Ah, how wonderful it is to live in a world swaddled in mystery!



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