11B's Memento


Side Quest


The Bunker

Quest Giver




11B's Memento is a Side Quest in NieR: Automata


Find out what happened to 11B after the assualt to find the goliath.


11B's Memento Objectives

  1. Find 11B's corpse and retrieve the materials
  2. Bring her belongings to 16D
  3. ??



11B's Memento Rewards



11B's Memento Walkthrough

  • Speak with 16D in the Hanger in the Bunker where she will ask you to locate 11B's body and bring back her belongings as mementos. Head to the factory in City Ruins and find 11B's corpse, located near a rock located at the very beginning of the game. Head back to the Bunker and speak with 16D. You can choose to keep her desertion to yourself or tell 16D. If you tell her the truth she will begin laughing and thank you. If you don't show her the information she will confess that they were lovers. Either way the reward is the same.
  • There are various shortcuts that you can 'activate' to make getting through the factory quicker.




  • Virtuous Treaty (Large Sword) is located near near your corpse (from where you died during the opening sequence), which is near the factory where 11B is located.
  • Whether or not you reveal 11B's intent the reward will be the same.
  • *Minor Spoiler*: If you reveal the truth to 16D she will affirm that the job she has is the right one, otherwise she will confess she has been thinking of changing her role to become a combat model. 


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