Negozi di manutenzione

Maintenance Shop is a special Shop in Nier: Automata. Located in The Bunker, the shop allows players to purchase special upgrade abilities and increase item storage, among others.


Maintenance Shop Buy List

Icon & Name Quantity Price
R010: Laser - Default
R020: Mirage 1 10,000G
R030: Hammer 1 10,000G
R040: Blade 1 10,000G
R050: Spear 1 10,000G
A060: P Shield 1 10,000G
R070: M Shield 1 10,000G
+8 Storage 2 5,000G
+8 Storage 2 10,000G
+16 Storage 2 20,000G
+24 Storage 1 30,000G


Upgrade Pod

Upgrade your pods using Gold and Materials

Icon & Name Level Cost
Pod A

Lv: 1 > Lv: 2

Attack: 150 > 165

2500G + 10x Tree Seed, 10x Mushroom, 10x Pure Water, 10x Natural Rubber, 1x Powerup Part S


Fuse chips to improve them.

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