Type-3 Lance


200 - 280

Combo Light


Combo Heavy






Type-3 Lance is a Spear in NieR: Automata


Type-3 Lance Information


"An outdated YoRHa model."

  1. "An old YoRHa spear, built to imitate ancient human weaponry. Old-fashioned, but reliable."



Where to Find\Location

  • In the Flooded City. Go to the sloped building that is in the water that is near a waterfall. Go towards the high slope of the building and look towards another waterfall in the distance. The building between you and the waterfall contains a chest. It is possible to jump and make your way over to that building. The weapon is in the big chest on the roof of the building.
  • One method to make the jump is to have a short sword equipped. Take a running jump, double jump, and at the apex of your double jump do a dash forward. Immediately slash 4 times with the sword. Then hold jump to slowly descend with your pod, when near the building hit light attack while descending to do a spin kick upwards to try and grab the ledge of the building and clamber up.
  • Another method of doing this is to remote control one of the flying machines to easily fly over the sea on it.




  • Can be found on Route B.
  • ??
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LvL Attack Combo Other Improvement Materials Needed
1 200 - 280 Light: 3
Heavy: 1
- -
2 360 - 504 Light: 4
Heavy: 1
Endurance Up 2,500G, 5x Copper Ore, 5x Broken Key, 5x Crystal
3 560 - 784 Light: 5
Heavy: 2
Endurance Up 5,000G, 4x Iron Ore, 3x Silver Ore, 3x Rusty Bolt, 2x Amber
4 760 - 1064 Light: 6
Heavy: 3
Endurance Up
Finish Blast
10,000G, 2x Gold Ore, 5x Rusty Bolt, 3x New Bolt, 2x Machine Leg,1x Meteorite




Weapon Story


 Level 1


The unadorned lance pierced her foes with machine-like accuracy. The grind of metal on bone in tandem with the pained screams of her victims created sweet music in the mercenary girl's ears."


 Level 2


Day after day, she returned to the battlefield to compose more music. Here, a giant of a man, fat rippling from his sides. There, a slimmer gentleman whose bones would surely produce a sweeter sound. Ah, who to stab first!?"


 Level 3


The girl fought for an age, stabbing uncountable foes in an effort to find the ideal scream - that sonorous, bone-grinding sound. Yet perfection eluded her no matter how hard she tried. Would she ever find what she sought?"


 Level 4


Suddenly, she turned to find a fine-looking hunk of meat at her side. Stabbing it produced a scream so pure, she couldn't help but smile. She continued to smile as she stabbed, no longer able to recall that the hunk was her own child."



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