Father Servo



Amicable Machines

Father Servo is an NPC in Nier: Automata.


Father Servo Information

"A machine lifeform that wears a white belt and pursues the warrior's path. After suffering defeat at the hands of 2B and 9S during training, he shamelessly began to pester them for payment".

"Despite being equipped with a brown belt - and being powered up with new parts - Father Servo was defeated once more. Seeking sympathy, he then solicited 2B and 9S for yet more parts"

"Father Stervo underwent an even more radical redesign, including a snazzy red-and-white belt. However, his flurry of poweful attacks was not enough to stave off an inevitable defeat."

"Donning a red belt and walking the path of the warrior to the end, Father Stervo went to the afterlife satisfied that he gave all in his final confrontation with 2B and 9S."


Where to find/Location

  • In the City Ruins, near the exit to the Desert Zone, find the red quest marker in your minimap.
  • To access the NPC and the associated quests, you will have to get atop a building, and climb on a rusted water tower. Then do a double jump towards the building adjascent, and a dash at the end. If you do it right, you'll grab onto the edge.




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