Emil is an NPC in Nier: Automata. Resembles the companion character who accompanied the player in the NieR: Gestalt / NieR: Replicant, but may actually be a copy. He harbors latent magical power, but most of his memory is gone due to the long years that have passed.


Emil Information

"This mysterious creature emerged from inside of a machine lifeform and set up a shop afer obtaining a new body. While he calls himself Emil, his true identity is a mystery. Once he discovered who had been stealing from his room, he was incited to fight. But after being defeated, he was reduced to tears by the realization that only power matters in this world."


Where to find/Location

  • When you speak to Pascal at his village, after completing the fight with A2, Emil will start appearing on the map. He can be found in the northeast corner of the City Ruins, driving around in a van. Shoot him with your POD to make him stop and speak to him for a hint about his home. Head back to the commercial district where you access the Forest Zone and interact with the Lunar Tear flower. Emil will appear and ask you to look for other Lunar Tears and the Side Quest Emil's Memories will begin. 
  • During your second playthrough as 9S, after unlocking the Forest Zone, you can go to the City Ruins and go into the of pipe just above the City Ruins: Cave location. (Not the one with the ladder down to the caves, but the one between the two ruined buildings.) Open this door using the Elevator Key you had obtained via the quest Emil's Memories. Inside, you will be at "City Ruins: Deep Cave". Please note that the door leading to Emil's Residence will be locked if you go there on a second playthrough, and requires you to talk to Emil at the desert entrance again for it to be unlocked.
  • Explore the deep cave, unlock some unit data for Enhanced Machines (lvl 50) and items such as Silver Ore and Meteorite, a Locked Chest, Titanium AlloyMemory Alloy. and Pyrite.
  • Eventually you will arrive at a gate and to Emil's Residence. Go inside and pick up Emil's Mask. Return to the surface, find Emil and talk to him again. He will comment and say someone stole from him and now he has put everything in a secured chest.
  • Go back down the elevator in the pipe to the Deep Cave, and unlock the special Locked Chest that now appears in Emil's Residence. You will obtain Emil's Head.
  • When you exit the room, Emil faces you as a Level 99 Boss. The best way to defeat him is to have Auto-Heal and Anti Chain Damage Chips on, and 2B on aggressive. Focus on dodging the projectiles and trying to hack Emil.
  • If you begin increasing the hacking gauge, and then perform a perfect dodge, during the slow motion the gauge suddenly fills up rapidly. This can be abused by letting him try to ram you, hacking until the last second, and then dodging towards him, and immidatly dodging away. This generally fills up 90% of the gauge almost instantly


Emil's Shop

 Emil will spawn randomly in one of three locations; near the Desert Zone entrance, the City Ruins: Near Factory access point, and outside the Resistance Camp. He will sell different items depending on where you find him. He has two kinds of items in stock per route, either chips or weapons and materials. Making him switch routes is - for now - quite unreliable. Teleporting in and out of access points seems to work. Another fairly good approach is to walk between the desert zone and halfway to the Desert: Camp access point via moose, then check your map for his icon. It is faster than teleporting and has a good chance of making him switch routes.

Desert Zone entrance route:

Item & Image Cost
Weapon Attack Up +3 3,500G
Down-Attack Up +3 3,500G
Critical Up +3 20,000G
Ranged Attack Up +3 3,500G
Fast Cooldown +3 20,000G
Melee Defense +3 3,500G
Ranged Defense +3 3,500G
Anti Chain Damage +3 3,500G
Max HP UP +3 3,500G
Offensive Heal +3 3,500G
Deadly Heal +3 20,000G
Auto-Heal +3 20,000G
Evade Range Up +3 3,500G
Moving Speed Up +3 3,500G
Drop Rate Up +3 3,500G
EXP Gain Up +3 20,000G
Shock Wave +3 20,000G
Last Stand +3 3,500G
Damage Absorb +3 3,500G
Vengeance +3 3,500G
Reset +3 20,00G
Overclock +3 20,00G
Resilience +3 3,500G
Counter +3 3,500G
Taunt Up +3 3,500G
Charge Attack +3 3,500G
Auto-use Item +3 20,00G

Resistance Camp route

Type-3 Fists 20,000G
Angel's Folly 20,000G
Memory Alloy 7,500G
Pristine Screw 7,500G
Large Gear 7,500G
New Bolt 7,500G
Clean Nut 7,500G
Sturdy Socket 7,500G
Pristine Cable 7,500G
Large Battery 7,500G
Dress Module 10,000G
Weapon Attack Uü+6 10,000G
Down Attack Up +6 10,000G

Critical Up +6

Ranged Attack Up +6 10,000G
Fast Cooldown +6 50,000G
Melee Defense +6 10,000G
Ranged Defense +6 10,000G
Max HP Up +6 10,000G
Offensive Heal +6 10,000G
Deadly Heal +6 50,000G
Auto-Heal +6 50,000G
Evade Range Up +6 10,000G
Moving Speed Up +6 10,000G
Drop Rate Up +6 10,000G
EXP Gain Up +6 50,000G
Shock Wave +6 50,000G
Last Stand +6 10,000G
Damage Absorb +6 10,000G
Vengeance +6 10,000G
Reset +6 50,000G
Overclock +6 50,000G
Resilience +6 10,000G
Counter +6 10,000G
Taunt Up +6 10,000G
Charge Attack +6 10,000G
Auto-use Item +6 50,000G
Hijack Boost +6 10,000G
Stun +6 10,000G
Combust +6 10,000G
Heal Drops Up +6 10,000G


  • Appears later as a boss
  • ??

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